Thursday, December 30, 2010


Chances are good that you may have used a Vic washcloth in your life. After all, they've been around since the 1800's. These 100% cotton cloths are woven so that the fabric twists, thus making them perfect for exfoliation of the body - and if you are really brave - the face.

The first time is a bit of a shock because if you are used to a soft acrylic puff, soft washcloth, or even a loofah, you're in for a surprise. But as you continue using it, you'll start to love the super soft feeling that it gives your skin.

It works with soap or shower gel and you can give up any other body exfoliation product because this is superior to all of them without the expense or mess. That being said, I use mine with my Neutrogena Body Scrub anyway, because I happen to like that product.

As far as using on your face, please proceed with caution. While a teen could use this, it could cause a bit of skin tearing in faces over fifty. There are other ways to exfoliate - chemical being superior for our faces.

Remember, the natural exfoliation process slows, slows, slows down for faces (and bodies) over fifty yet the need for exfoliation is greater than ever as much of the sun damage from our youth is starting to show up.

And that includes our bodies. I've never had a bit of excess irritation with this cloth - and I have with sugar scrubs and the like. I also find that I have less all over itchiness than I used to have. This is probably because that top layer of skin is removed and my body moisturizer can penetrate easier.

These run around $12. They last forever. And they are available at so many places online. Simply do a Google search for the best price and vendor for you.